Support Education In Feyiase Ghana

Feyiase, a small township about 3 hours north of Ghana’s capital city of Accra, is home to a rich Ashanti culture and strong moral values. It is a beautiful area with beautiful people, most of whom live in severe poverty. This poverty, however dire, has not kept the people from being vibrant, but it has, regrettably, kept dozens of children out of the public school system. Tuition approximately $200 USD a year for each child, which is virtually impossible to produce forcing children to stay home from school, work to support their families, and miss out on an education. This lack of education has halted the growth of the community and has paralyzed an otherwise flourishing economy. The solution, as is the solution for most developing communities, is education. Keeping children in school will not only change the face of this small community, but it will change the face of Ghana, it will change the face of Africa, and it will change the face of the world. It all starts with 11 talented and gifted 2nd grade children in Feyiase. Executive Preparatory Academy of Finance identified eleven (11) 2nd grade scholars from the Feyiase Roman Catholic Primary School who we believe will be the catalyst of change if, and only if, they are afforded an uninterrupted education.

Our commitment is to fund their studies until they graduate from high school then watch as they launch forward to elevate their beloved Ghana.  The yearly cost for 11 tuition (which includes costs for uniforms, meals, and instruction) is $2200.  The executive board of EPAF led the fundraising effort totaling $800 which leaves a needed balance of $1400.  The rest is in the capable hands of the EPAF student entrepreneurs who have, as an act of Corporate Citizenship, adopted these 11 scholars and the Feyiase School and have pledged to see these students achieve academic success.  Please join the EPAF students as they unselfishly, considering some of them are also raising money for their further college educations, raise funds for this global initiative.

Support Our Efforts In Feyiase, Ghana